5 best places to visit in Darjeeling

5 best places to visit in Darjeeling


Looking for some fresh air, stunning views, a dose of adventure and a pretty place to laze around, Darjeeling must on top priority. You can do all of this while sipping on some of the best tea in the world. This hill station promises to fill the wanderlust in you. Darjeeling is the perfect retreat for those with a penchant for pleasant weather. Amidst the lush greenery and unspoiled air unbeknown to the rest of the world. Remove all your troubles and goodbye as long as you walk the rolling plains and hills of Darjeeling. Here are the 5 top tourist places to visit in Darjeeling. Go, to explore these top places of Darjeeling and make an amazing itinerary with Delta Airlines flights booking

  1. Tiger Hill: It is known to offer mountain views and if you want to soak in the best of those, you sure visit the majestic Tiger Hill. There is the perfect place (accessible by a thrilling trek or drive) to watch maybe one of the best sunrises of your life with the iconic Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga in the backdrop. The spectacular Himalayan horizon colored in stunning shades of golden, brown and red. Whenever you plan a sunrise excursion, make sure you keep some time for the inevitable traffic as it is a huge tourist magnet.  To grab the clearest views, spring and autumn are the best times.
  2. Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda: This temple located just away from Darjeeling’s city center is synonymous with positivity and serenity. The temple, built-in 1972 in the traditional Japanese style and has a wooden staircase that leads to the prayer room where people can sit and enjoy the presence of divinity. The pleasing sound of drums played by the chief priest only enhances the tranquility of the place. The temple is the Peace Pagoda Close to, built in the same year, showcasing the four avatars of Lord Buddha. The beautifully carved statues and other artwork depicting the life of Buddha adorn the Peace Pagoda. When you are strolling around the pagoda, it is almost impossible to ignore the vibes of equality, mindfulness, and contentment.
  3. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park: Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park or Darjeeling Zoo is your perfect way to have a look little tête-à-tête with rare and fascinating with animals mainly from the Himalayas. It has close encounters with alpine animals such as snow leopards, Siberian tigers, red pandas, Tibetan wolves, and yaks. Himalayas Rare birds such as Himalayan monal pheasant, kali pheasant, and blue gold macaw also called the zoo home. It was established in 1958 and attracts 5 lakh visitors per year. This is famous for carrying many breeding and conservation programs mainly for red pandas, snow leopards, and Tibetan wolves.
  4. A tea garden/estate: Darjeeling stands for producing the best quality tea in the world. In this hill town, you learn about tea and experiencing the process of tea making. People can visit one of the many tea-growing gardens such as The Happy Valley Tea Estate or Puttabong Tea Estate to understand the fascinating process of manufacturing tea. Apart from that, learning the history of tea and understanding various traditions, you can also able to pick tea leaves yourself, take many Insta-worthy photos and indulge in tea-tasting sessions. Best part of this tour you can buy freshly produced tea to enjoy it back home. Or offering knowledge about tea, tea gardens and treat your lungs with fresh air.
  5. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute: If mountaineering is your passion or not, this place definitely finds a place for you in your Darjeeling itinerary.  It was established in honor of mountaineering Tenzing Norgay who, along with Sir Edmund Hillary scaled Mount Everest in 1953, the institute aims to encourage mountaineering among youth, educate visitors about mountain environment and its preservation, and also highlight the history of mountaineering. You will be able to explore an informative museum, a rock climbing wall, a restaurant, and a souvenir shop. Institute shares its entrance with the Darjeeling zoo.

Darjeeling is famous and known for the tea industry, which is located in the state of West Bengal. This city is situated in the middle part of the lower Himalayas that are also known as the Mahabharat Range. This town is gifted with a rich history and naturally full of resources.  Due to its pleasing and greeny climate all year, it is a well-liked tourist spot. If you want to book flight tickets to visit these places of darjeeling then you can call on our American Airlines Contact Number.

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