Blog Content Writing Tips

Blog Content Writing Tips


“Content is the King”, we all have heard this phrase so many times.

But do we really understand the meaning of it. Are we really creating quality content? Ask yourself.

But first think about this, what according to you is quality content?

In this article, you will learn about creating quality content, improvising your content and some other content writing tips. This article is for people who wants to increase clicks and leads over their content.

  1. Analysing your content’s topic

Starting from the topic of our content; we first need to analyse it.

Researching on the topic and its background is very necessary.

It will give you information about your content, and it will also prevent the lacking of content.

Analysing the keywords of your content is also very important. Creating a proper report for it is the best way that will avoid uneasiness during the process of content creation.

  • What is keyword analysis?

It is nothing but a complete and detailed report of keywords, which are related to our content’s topic.

Suppose you are writing an article over Weight Loss. Then the examples of relevant keywords are weight loss training, weight loss diet control chart, weight loss keto-diet, and many other similar keywords.

Creating a keyword report before creating content will make your work easy, and consistent.

  1. Writing unique and relevant content

Now it is time to create your content. But first create an engaging and user friendly headline, that will provide you more clicks. Always remember that the headline is the first piece of content that your audience will see.

There are some basic content writing rules that will be helpful for you:

  • Add lists in your content.
  • Use the keywords from the keyword report in your content.
  • Add every damn information, available on the internet, about the particular topic in your content.

This will bind the audience to your blog.

Do not copy any information from someone else. Write it on your own. Your content must be unique, different from others, interactive, creative and engaging.

If these all qualities are added in your content then you will surely get your targeted audience. Aim for atleast 800 words, so as to make it crawled by the search engines.

  1. Proofreading the content

After creating the content, read it again completely. This will reduce the chances of mistakes in the content. Your content should be free from errors and grammar mistakes.

Remember there are several people who will directly copy and paste your content to their reports and on other offline means, don’t give a chance to them to correct the errors of your content.

As if they found your article- a proper master piece, then that reader will become the life time supporter of your blog.

  1. Test your content on several grounds

By several grounds I mean the following checks:”

  • Plagiarism Check

This check is done to acknowledge the uniqueness of your content.

This check is very important for your content.

Did you know that uniqueness is a criterion that helps in ranking on the search engines?

So start writing unique content, with a different content delivery method. Don’t copy someone else’s style of writing. Create one of your own styles. Because you are one of your own kind.

You can Plagiarism Checker of Small SEO Tools, OR you can also use Copyscape to check the plagiarism of your content.

  • Grammarly Check

This check or test is important to clear out all the grammatical mistakes of your content. Grammarly, an outstanding app to check the grammatical errors in the language, will help you in doing so.

Just copy your content and paste it on Grammarly.

On just a single click you will keep on making your content error free.

  • Hemingway Check

This is the most important check of your content. it will tell you the readability of your content. the stats provided by it are very informative and it also gives you the replacements of the errors of readability.

Copy your content and paste on the Hemingway Editor App. It will give a score. If your score is less than 5 then your content is good. But if it is more than make it less.

  1. Adding relevant images and media to it

Adding images will improve the readability of your content. Readers love to see relevant images in the reading context.

Try to create your images on your own, but if you are using someone else’s image or work; first ask them and then give them credits in your content.

Giving credit is not tough, you just have to add a link to their website in the “Resources” section of your article.

Apart from there are some necessary tips that you should remember while creating the content.

  1. Content is the king.
  2. Always give credit to other’s work.
  3. Try to write quality content.
  4. Give more time to creating content.


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