Essential polished Plastering Requisites

Essential polished Plastering Requisites

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Geographically polished plaster can be placed anywhere, but with some requirements. The ideal room for decorating with this type of flooring material is a living room. The walls of this room do not present excessive loads and are not susceptible to excessive humidity, therefore, there are no special requirements for plaster. In addition, when designing a living room, it is rare to introduce any style limitations, so color saturation and material texture are chosen at the request of the home.

For large installations perfect “bright” “polished” color

It is important to remember that the room must be sufficiently lit, even during the day. In small rooms, it is better to use light shades. The mirror surface will reflect light well, which will help to visually expand the space. But don’t overdo it with blinding surfaces, give preference to matte plaster with shiny inclusions.

  • Designers are advised not to get involved in the decor of the living room: a glossy finish bothers quickly, and a long stay in a room with glossy walls can cause a feeling of fatigue.
  • The application of this coating requires serious and time-consuming efforts, which deprives customers of the possibility of frequent internal renovation. The most advantageous solution is the coating of soft colors and the imitation of a natural material, marble, granite or wood.

The masters recommend paying attention to the installation of a tensioned ceiling with plasterboard lining. This design technique is very new, so we didn’t have time to gain a lot of popularity. It is worth noting the sophistication of this approach: the living room with a false ceiling, stylized as an expensive stone material, looks luxurious. However, this movement is only suitable for rooms with a height of three meters or more. Small rooms with false ceilings look flat and uncomfortable. You can click here to get the best professionals for the same and with them you can make the work done.

  • Many are not in a hurry to use the “polished” to face the kitchen. Designers advise not to follow stereotypes about the inconvenience of using this material. High quality plaster has all the properties necessary for the operation, so it is suitable for finishing the kitchen room. It is only important to take into account certain conditions imposed by the coating.

The plaster must be resistant to odors and not absorb them. The moisture resistance of the coating also plays an important role: the material must withstand short contact with water and the wet cleaning of the room. During operation, the coating should not fade and the surface should be covered with cracks. In addition, the plaster must withstand sudden changes in temperature without visible consequences. To ensure all of these properties, manufacturers add special components to the dry mix.


Despite the resistance of the coating to the effects of water, the masters do not advise the use of plaster in the sink and slab area. Preference should be given to tiles. Due to their complex texture, it is very difficult to wash the gypsum and dirt plaster. The implementation of permanent restoration is not profitable.

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