Gifts That Scream I Love You To Her/Him

Gifts That Scream I Love You To Her/Him


For a lot of people, confessing love is even harder than falling for it. Every time they muster the courage to speak the three golden words to someone special, they feel the butterflies fluttering in their stomach and strong feelings of nervousness mixed with excitement overshadow their thoughts. The very next moment they are sighing thinking will they ever be able to scream out loud that they love someone. Is there a possible way to speak of love without even uttering a word? Well, there is one that is known to do the trick.

These gifts are all about love!

Flowers: Flowers epitomizes love in the best possible way. The Rose is a universally accepted flower of love, especially the red one. Other flowers that possibly mean love are peonies, tulips, freesia, carnations denote feelings of love and romance. When saying I Love You in words is hard, put across your feelings by way of a bunch of flowers in red hues. Along with the bunch, add a message card as well because for some penning down thoughts is much easier than saying it face-to-face.

Desserts: If conveying love in words seems to be an impossible task for you, make that lucky one relish love! Gift a heart-shaped cake or heart-shaped waffle cookies that would make the recipient experience your sweet love, Heart-shaped candies, cake pops, cakesicles can also be gifted to the recipient. Pinata cakes that are usually baked in diamond-cut heart shape filled with goodies and notes is the sweetest way to say “ Smash and Reveal, I love you!

Eternity Jewellery: Sometimes your gestures speak louder than your words. By gifting that special one in your life an eternity ring, infinity, and beyond pendant, eternity bracelets not only mean that you love the person but also assures them of a forever love that every person wishes to experience and feel blessed with.

Reason I Love You Jar: Someone wise believed that more than saying I love you; you should tell the person the reasons that made you do. If you have enough reasons for loving a person, let them know what they are. Is it the smile or the understanding nature that makes you fall in love with them every day. Do it with a jar full of reasons I love you! This is a handmade gift, crafted with love especially for the one.

Personalised Token: You can choose any personalised token to express the feelings of the heart. A set of a champagne flute, LED lamps, heart print wall frame, photo frame any gift can be picked to fill the recipient’s heart with love. Make sure you choose your words wisely for saying the three magical words. Take cues from quotes and poetry of some renowned love poets.

Greeting Cards/Letters: It may seem to you like an old-fashioned way of pouring out the heart. But, trust us this is what lovers’ dreams are made of. A handwritten love note or a greeting card will echo each word of yours in the recipient’s soul forever.

Make love to the only person in your life with these gifts! Good Luck

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