Guide to buying desktop PCs

Guide to buying desktop PCs


When we make the decision to acquire a computer equipment either for our home, office or business it is essential to take into account several important aspects to select the appropriate desktop PC, verify that it has the key components and specifications to make t`1he best purchase.

The following guide is made in order to offer the necessary information to make that decision, we have based on the fundamental aspects to be taken into account, as well as the needs that need to be covered with such equipment.

We hope this is a tool that helps make the best decision.

The first characteristic that we must take into account is: What will we use the computer to be acquired for? In this case, to know if it will be for school tasks, basic functions and business administration or for games. After having established the use of the equipment, we must give priority to each of the components that make up the PC, to really buy the necessary equipment and not acquire a device with enough features or lacking the necessary specifications to achieve the desired performance in our tasks daily.

We can advise to carry out a preliminary study of the needs that will be covered when acquiring a desktop PC, in this way the team will provide a lasting solution for the tasks you intend to perform.

As well as taking into account the possibilities of growth that the equipment may have, expansion slots for RAM, graphics cards, hard drive bays, data connections, sound cards, etc. It is always convenient to keep all this data in mind, in this way our team will have the possibility to update and not become obsolete in a short time. Today, technological advances are happening faster and faster, which is why we recommend you visualize your next purchase in the future.

Let’s look at the characteristics that will help us choose the best equipment:

Operating system

The operating system is the program in charge of managing the physical resources of our computer equipment, and allows managing the services of applications and other installed programs. The current operating system that comes preloaded on the vast majority of computers is Windows 8, however this should not necessarily be our only option. You can select some other system compatible with our equipment and if it is our pleasure to acquire it independently and thus install it on our computer.


In the central processing unit, we can find the main components for the equipment to offer specific performance and capabilities. HeOur computer’s processor will determine many aspects of our equipment among which we can mention, power, capacity, efficiency, etc. You can check ourProcessor buying guide for more references.

There are two major manufacturers in INTEL and AMD microprocessors. INTEL microprocessors have excellent quality, the CORE family and are the most requested due to their excellent performance and processability. The AMD family has been responsible for developing powerful processors to distribute in the market. Its main features are:

Graphics card

GeForce AMD

Nvidia GTX

The graphic processing units (GPU) are responsible for showing what we see on the screen, whether using simple applications or latest generation video games. The advantages of having a powerful graphics card, allows us to appreciate video games or advanced design programs with better quality.

If the equipment is intended for video games we must pay attention to the GPU, we can find a desktop PC with dedicated graphics cards. For most users, the video card that is integrated into the device is more than enough, for example the GPU of Intel CORE processors is excellent, since it reproduces high definition content and even some video games.

If what we are looking for is really a computer dedicated to office or school work, it is not necessary to purchase a computer with a dedicated graphics card, the one that comes integrated will provide us with the necessary performance. If you consider the desktop PC to use high definition content, it will be necessary to have a high performance video card. We can find NVIDIA Series 10 cards which are designed to make your favorite video games come true: with the best technology for revolutionary performance, cinematic experience in 4K, HDR and much more. Virtual reality that will captivate you.

You can check our Guide to buying graphics cards.


The RAM is one of the most important elements, not having enough memory gives as a result a slow computer. Currently the teams have from 2GB of RAM and up to 16GB of RAM or higher if they are dedicated servers. Enjoying greater speed allows us to take advantage of our time. We must consider that some operating systems limit the maximum memory that we can use in a computer (check the specifications of each model). There are several memory providers among which we can mention Kingston, Adata, Corsair, HP, etc.

In this case we must know as we have already mentioned, the use that will be given to the desktop PC, if it will be used only to surf the internet and send emails with a basic performance is sufficient, if you want to run several applications at the same time it is necessary good performance and if the purpose is to use the latest generation videogame equipment, working with editing and design applications should certainly have excellent performance.

Hard drives

The HDD hard drive is the device in which we store all the information of our computer equipment. Its most important characteristics are its capacity and its transfer speed which influences the response time and in turn the energy consumption. Current desktop computers come with large capacity hard drives, usually 320GB, although there are more and less storage capacity. The important thing is to have enough space for the administration and management of applications and information storage.

There are also solid disks or better known as SSD, unlike conventional ones, they use solid state semiconductor memory to save data. Unlike common hard drives, these are faster, more resilient and consume less energy although their price is higher. They are commonly used to run the operating system and boot applications, while common hard drives are used for information storage. A combination of these components is currently used to give team’s faster response and processing speed. When the decision of the desktop PC to be acquired is made, the number of internal bays for hard drives you have can be verified, so that disk arrangements can be made to maintain a better safeguard of the information.Western Digital, Seagate, HP, and solid state drives SSD Kingston among others.

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