Here are Some Devices That Work Best with Alexa

Here are Some Devices That Work Best with Alexa

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Voice Assistants have been a great blessing for any individual or any household that uses them. You would find that Voice Assistants are featured in our mobile phones and Smart TVs which make it easier to navigate things, and come as individual devices of their own, better known as Smart Speakers.

Smart Speakers feature built-in Voice Assistants, like the Amazon Echo featuring Alexa, and the Google Nest Audio featuring the Google Assistant. A lot of Android smart TVs also feature built-in Google Assistant. However, though you may find a lot of Android devices featuring the Google Assistant, let’s not forget that Amazon’s Alexa is one of the oldest Voice Assistants to exist. It was popular then and it is popular even now, compatible with so many devices.

Not only does it just work in sync with other devices, but Alexa quite literally acts as your virtual assistant – taking down virtual reminders, planning your calendar for the week, reading out your texts while you can’t check yourself, or placing calls on your behalf as well.

Here are 4 devices that can integrate seamlessly with the Alexa Voice Assistant.

  1. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

If there is any smart thermostat Alexa compatible, it’s the Google Nest Learning Thermostat. You wouldn’t find any ordinary thermostat which is as good as a smart one. One that can be controlled via your smartphones or through voice-enabled control like that with Alexa.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is not only just a fancy smart device for you to install in your home. It works in an energy-efficient manner to reduce wastage and in turn, also reduce your energy bills too. Independent studies have shown that the Nest Learning Thermostats can save between 10% to 12% on your home heating bills, and around 15% on cooling bills.

The device is known to quite literally learn your preferred temperature settings and adjust its thermostat accordingly throughout the day when you don’t do it yourself through the Google Home app. However, having access to the thermostat from your mobile phone entails that you can access your device even when you aren’t home. In the same way, when synced to Alexa, you won’t have to manually adjust the thermostat or even use your phone for that matter. Simply say “Alexa, turn the thermostat down by 2 degrees.”

  1. Sengled Smart LED Multicolor Bulb

Sengled’s Smart Bulbs are not only available in a regular warm/white variant, but also in a multicolor variant too. These bulbs are great for energy efficiency purposes and for the added benefit of home automation. However, not only do these bulbs consume less electricity due to the fact that they are LED, but also because they can be controlled through the Sengled Home app on your smartphones, and not to mention, they are also Alexa compatible.

So mobile and voice-enabled control. Leaves zero space for wastage and allow for easier control of the bulbs too. Other than the fact that these light bulbs can be controlled via a mobile phone or voice control, or even the fact that they are energy efficient, there is another cool factor to these smart bulbs. The Sengled Smart LED Bulbs can change color shades, from warm to white tones and to over 16 million colors! It also lets you adjust brightness levels according to your preferences, so as to set the mood according to what you like.

  1. Yale Assure Lock SL

A smart lock is really a smart way to secure entry points into your home, whether it is the front door or the one at the back in the kitchen. The Yale Assure Lock provides keyless and tamperproof entry into your home, making sure that no one enters without your knowledge.

The Yale Assure Lock features a touchscreen keypad that can be used to type in the passcode to lock and unlock the door. It also has a mobile app for the same purpose so that you can remotely unlock your door for any visitors, and likewise, with its compatibility with Alexa, you won’t even have to pick up your phone to unlock or lock the door.

  1. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Are smart plugs an unnecessary device to have? Because what does it do other than plug your electronic devices into it. Well, for starters a smart plug is nothing like a regular power outlet. It comes with its own mobile app, like the Wemo App for the Wemo Smart Plug, which lets you switch the plug on or off through your phone, and is also compatible with Alexa should you have a Voice Assistant in your home too.

So, you can avail of the remote control via the mobile app, and voice-enabled control for a hands-free experience when synced with any Alexa device. You can use both these to your advantage and save up on unnecessary energy consumption, or from potential hazards too like if you’ve forgotten to turn off the space heater in the living room.


Find the above 4 devices and many more under FirstEnergy Home’s Smart Home catalog on their website: Alexa is one of the oldest Voice Assistants to date – a pioneer in that technology. There isn’t pretty much any device on the market that isn’t compatible with this powerful voice assistant. Amazon has evolved the technology to adapt to other devices and software in order to keep up with the competition and safe to say, Alexa is still one of the favorites in America.

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