How to create a comfortable ADU in Los Angeles

How to create a comfortable ADU in Los Angeles

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If you’re considering building an ADU, you can rest assured that it’s possible to create a stylish, comfortable living space in a converted garage or basement. However, you’ll need the right fixtures to do it. Luckily, Polaris Home Design offers many of the items you’ll need. Here are some tips that can help you build a comfortable ADU Los Angeles-based:

1. Install the right insulation

Converted garage space and finished basements can be drafty if they are not properly built or insulated. Luckily, hiring a skilled contractor is the first step towards making sure that your ADU is as energy-efficient as possible. However, you’ll also need to make sure that you choose the right insulation. Even in the Los Angeles area, it can get very cold at night during the winter. So, you’ll need to make sure that your insulation and walls meet local building codes. If you do not comply with local regulations, you may be ordered to take your ADU down and/or pay a fine.

2. Choose stylish furniture and cabinets

You’ll need to pick out stylish furniture and cabinets to create a comfortable, appealing ADU. If you get your cabinets from a quality seller like Polaris, you’ve taken the first step towards creating a stylish and comfortable space. Not only can you buy cabinets and other essentials from a home design company, but you can also order custom-made woodwork and get your fixtures professionally installed.

3. Properly install all utilities

You’ll need to make sure that the electricity and plumbing are properly installed in your converted garage or finished basement. Luckily, a skilled contractor will be able to do this quickly and effectively. However, there are different approaches when it comes to setting up the utilities in an ADU. In some cases, it’s possible to connect your ADU to the HVAC system for the rest of your home. In other cases, you’ll need to install a separate HVAC system for the ADU.

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