How to Identify the Perfect 5 Star Hotel

How to Identify the Perfect 5 Star Hotel


When you travel to a new place either for business or vacation, the first thing that most people often think about is where they will spend the night during their stay. More often than not, when trying to find a hotel or resort, people ask around from either their friends or family for recommendations. And in this age of the internet and social media, it is also no surprise that people also consider reviews and recommendations from influencers and celebrities.

However, one does not always find the perfect place to stay in this way, because sometimes tastes might differ, and the budget can also get in the way. At times, it is possible that the people you know may have not visited the place that you are going to, and in this case you would not be able to get any recommendations, so you would have to find a place to stay all on your own. Below are some tips that will help you identify the perfect 5 star hotel to stay in.

1.      Do an internet search

First and foremost, it is important to do an internet search for all the hotels in that area, so that you can get a glimpse of all your options. When you know all your options, it becomes easier to narrow them down according to criteria like prices, convenience of location and other things that you might have in mind.

Thanks to Google maps, you can be able to see all the hotels in the area that you are going to as well as their pictures, as long as they have their location pinned on the Google maps. For instance, if you are going to Jakarta, all you have to do is type in 5 star hotels in jakarta indonesia in the search bar and click on search. The results will then bring you all the 5 star hotels in that area.

Look for posts on social media

By using hashtags as well as certain keywords, it is now so easy to find information on social media. People are always posting pictures of places that they have been to and they also say the truth about their experience at those places. So whether you would like to know how the food at the hotel looks like, or the landscape and even the rooms, just look for posts on social media made by people who have been there already.

This is a good way to ensure that you get a true reflection of the hotel that you are looking for, because websites might exaggerate or take pictures that do not really show everything. But when people truly have a good experience, they definitely talk about it.

Consider the location

Considering the location of the hotel is important, because the perfect 5 star hotel will be situated in a place that has good sorroundings, and is also secure. Needless to say, the neighbourhood can say alot about the people who stay in that area. Other things that will influence the location are distance to either the city, the airport or recreational places. The bottom line is that any 5 star hotel should be able to provide comfort and relaxation for its guests.

Look at the facilities, services and activities

Last but not least, you will know the perfect 5 start hotel by the kind of facilities, services and activities that they have to offer. Some examples of these basic facilities include a gym, massage parlour as well as a swimming pool. Services should be top notch, for instance room service, security and laundry services. Furthermore, the menu should have a wide variety of foods, and it should also be inclusive of different kinds of diets.

During your stay, you should also be able to take part in some activities for which the hotel can facilitate. It could be anything from playing tennis or golf, to going on a tour of the major tourist attractions in that particular city or town.

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