Official Legal Documents Translation Services in Dubai

Official Legal Documents Translation Services in Dubai


The translation of official documents is a very popular service, for people who go to other countries.

Even with all this demand, there are still a large number of people who do not know what official translated documents are for and what is the difference with conventional translations, whether professional or automatic.

Understand what causes official legal documents to be translated, when this needs to be done, and who are the people authorized to provide this type of service.

What is the purpose of translating official legal documents?

The goal is to make documents issued in one country legally valid in other nations.

For example, if dubai has a power of attorney, he or she is legally authorized to act on behalf of another person or a company, which is common in the course of legal proceedings or to assist persons with age and / or health limitations.

However, if this power of attorney was written in other languages, it will be valid only in that particular territory. If it is necessary to act on behalf of the grantor in foreign territory, be it an individual or a company based outside dubai, it will not be valid, since it was prepared in other languages.

Some of the most sought after documents for document translation are as follows:

Identification documents: ID, work permit, civil registration certificate, driver’s license, passport, etc.

Personal documents: birth and marriage certificates, criminal background history, naturalization certificate, death certificate, adoption documents, etc.

Legal documents: Testimonials, court records, petitions, powers of attorney, wills, contracts, etc.

The demand for translation of official documents is estimated to increase with each passing day, as the number of people wishing to visit other countries grows greatly.

How to find an official document translation professional?

The best alternative is to look for a company that specializes in translations, whose employees can prove their professional qualifications.

Because it is a very specific service, where translators need to meet a number of criteria, relying on the professionalism of a company is the most appropriate option to avoid problems.

Anyone who wants to study abroad , for example, or do other activities that require the use of legally valid documents outside their home country needs the services of an experienced and Dar al mar jaan is, capable of meeting all legal translation services needs.

Ideally, a company with years of experience in the market should be chosen, which shows that it has already assisted many clients with document translations during their career.

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