What role does a Gilbert HOA management company play?

What role does a Gilbert HOA management company play?

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Gilbert is one of the fastest-growing towns in Arizona. It has a wonderful and friendly neighborhood. Kids can go to great schools and there are some really good restaurants too. Many of the existing and new communities have formed HOAs. There are so many reasons for creating HOAs. One of them is increasing property revenue by keeping the neighborhood clean, pretty, and safe. 

Perhaps these HOAs need to think about hiring Gilbert HOA management companies to take care of day-to-day responsibilities. 

Managing HOAs isn’t a child’s play. It’s time-consuming and can be overwhelming for the members. Let the board members handle the important tasks – HOA management companies are here to save the day. 

Here’s a quick post that talks about the role of an HOA management company. Dive in! 

What does an HOA management company do? 

There are quite a few responsibilities that an HOA management company has on its shoulders. Here’s a quick list that might help you understand their duties. 

  1. Billing & collections 

The HOA management company indulges in third-party work. One of the key responsibilities is making bills and collecting revenues. 

Reminding residents to pay their dues is also their responsibility. If there is any delay, they would give reminders and notices too. 

Handling any sort of sticky situation related to billing and collection is the HOA management company’s duty. 

  1. Enforcing all the community policies 

Implementing the guidelines and policies is the HOA management company’s duty. 

They have to ensure that all the residents are following the rules and regulations and not going afloat. 

The board members decide these guidelines and rules, but ensuring that residents are in compliance is the duty of the HOA managers. 

  1. Managing vendors 

Bringing new vendor bids and handling contracts of vendors is the HOA management company’s responsibility. 

Reviewing the bids is the board members’ call, but the management can recommend bids of new vendors. 

Vendors, in this case, mean security, maintenance, and landscaping. 

  1. Administrative duties 

Another job of the HOA management company is to assist HOAs with budgeting. 

Coordinating board meetings and making phone calls and video calls is also their job responsibility. 

Concluding Thoughts

This was just a gist of what an HOA management company does. There are more responsibilities they have to take up including regulating vendors and storing outdoor and playground equipment. 

If you are thinking of hiring an HOA management company in Gilbert, consider going through the company’s proposal of services and costs. 

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