WOW! TV packages: all you need to know

WOW! TV packages: all you need to know


WOW! is a regional broadband provider that serves more than 800,000 customers with television, internet, and phone services. This Colorado-based corporation serves nineteen cities in the Southeast and Midwest.

WOW! A high-speed internet plan can be purchased in conjunction with a TV package. Packages range from 85 channels up to 120 channels in number.

Even though WOW! does not promote a stand-alone TV service; it is readily available on a monthly subscription basis at a large premium over the bundled package. For example, a customer care agent in Huntsville, Alabama, quoted a monthly fee of $163.15 for a television-only plan. Customers who want to save money on WOWdigital !’s TV package must combine it with internet access (and sign up for a two-year service agreement).

Wow TV plans

medium TV package with the Internet of 100 MBPS

You can get this plan for $74.99 dollars per month for 12 months.

You will get over 130 channels.

You have to enroll in a 2 year agreement.

Medium TV package with Internet of 100 MBPS

You can get this plan for $89.99 dollars per month for 12 months.

You will get over 160 channels.

You have to enroll in a 2 year agreement.

Large TV package with Internet of 500 MBPS

You can get this plan for $104.99 dollars per month for 12 months.

You will get over 160 channels.

You have to enroll in a 2 year agreement.

Pricing for WOW! TV: A Simple Guide

A two-year contract is required for each WOW! bundle plan. Pricing for the first year will rise by $10 a month. These prices include a $5/mo AutoPay savings and all applicable fees. The bundle pricing goes back to the package’s standard price at the end of the 24-month commitment. For an extra $10 per month, you can rent a WOW!-compatible modem.

WOW! Channel selection on a television set

WOW! It’s possible to get a TV channel package that includes local stations and a premium channel (like HBO or Showtime) in both standard and high definition. WOW! Additionally, music options and on-demand content are both available via television.

For a small additional charge, sports fans can access channels like NFL Network, RedZone, Big Ten Network, BTN2Go, and the SEC Network, which broadcast games from their favorite conferences.

Market-specific channel lineups are available. However, in Evansville, Indiana, a medium TV bundle delivers 90+ channels, while large television gives 130+ channels. In the Chicagoland region, the Large TV package offers 160+ channels, and medium television offers 100+ channels.

Amazing TV shows that you should watch

Additionally, WOW! TV includes several other features that make it stand out from the competition. The following are a few to keep an eye on:

Customers can view various live channels on their laptops, no matter where they are. As well as PCs and mobile devices, a good deal of on-demand entertainment is available.

Customers who sign up for a Large TV bundle can choose one free premium channel from the following list: Pay-per-view providers such as Netflix and Hulu.

Standard or HD DVR recorder options are available to customers for $7 to $14 per month. If you’re willing to pay $20 a month, you can get a more advanced ULTRA DVR that can record up to six episodes. For $25 a month, you may receive two ULTRA DVRs for two TVs; each additional ULTRA DVR is $9 a month.

Be on the lookout for these WOW! TV promotions.

WOW offers incentives for new customers! TV. You can take advantage of these promotions if you’re moving or changing homes in places where WOW! TV services are available. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest WOW! cable offers currently available:

You get free installation (a $50 value) when you order online.

Prepaid Visa Reward card for $200 when you purchase a TV package with an internet speed of 500 Mbps or higher. A $100 gift card for TV and 100 Mbps internet subscriptions packed together.

As a bonus, the big TV bundle includes access to one complimentary premium channel.

Call the sales department at 1-800-343-2076 for more information on offers in your service region.

Wow, what a show!

The Better Business Bureau gives WOW! an A-plus rating (BBB). The BBB assigns marks to service providers based on their responses to clients in online reviews and the timeliness with which they resolve concerns.

Benefits and drawbacks of Wow TV


With the Large TV package, you get one free premium channel.

A $100 Visa Prepaid Reward Card and free installation for new customers


Having a separate TV subscription could be prohibitively expensive.

The contract you signed is for two years.

Early termination costs of up to $345 may apply if you decide to discontinue service before the end of your contract period.

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